What a buzz for bald building supplies team in Sheffield

The team from MKM on Rutland Road, Sheffield, before and after their charity head shaves
The team from MKM on Rutland Road, Sheffield, before and after their charity head shaves
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It was a close shave for five members of staff at a Sheffield building supplies firm.

The team at MKM on Rutland Road - including one very brave woman - agreed to get their heads shaved in the name of charity.

The fundraising head shave and a raffle made a fantastic £1,300 for injured soldiers’ charity Help for Heroes.

Organiser Daz Hill said: “I just dreamed it up.

“I didn’t think the wife would agree but I got up one morning and decided I wanted to do something for Help for Heroes and that’s what I came up with.

“The other guys didn’t really have a say - I just told them they were all doing it!”

A week before the big shave, Daz’s colleague Karen Marsden agreed to have her long, red locks shaved off for the cause along with Daz, Kyle Howard, Nathan Crowder and Andy Peason.

“I said it was up to her and it would take ages to grow back,” said Daz, aged 48, of Hillsborough.

“She did get tears in her eyes when it happened but when it was done it did suit her and she raised quite a lot of money towards our total.”

The money has already been sent off to Help for Heroes, which supports soldiers injured in conflicts.

“It’s a charity I really support - I have the T-shirts, badges and all the merchandise because they deserve everything they get and it’s all for a worthy cause.

“They don’t get much help from the government so it’s down to people like us to make sure they get the funds they need.”

Daz said he has decided to keep his head shaved for now and has already had it trimmed since the big shave.

“I’m going to keep it because when I shout at the kids now they actually listen to me - I must be quite a scary 48-year-old skin head!”