Weston Park Whit Fair a windy affair - SLIDESHOW

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WESTON Park Whit Fair was warm and very windy... perfect.

Perfect, that is, for members of the Sheffield Model Ship Society who gathered at the ornamental pond to stage a regatta.

At the controls of her micro magic yacht was Val Herring, aged 69, from Swallownest - who sounded like an old sea dog when she talked about the weather.

“Wind is good for sailing, we like wind,” she grinned.

Fellow club member Alan Whitworth, 77, from Anston nodded in agreement.

“I used to fly model planes,” he said. “But then I found that there were more suitable days for sailing than for flying.

“We can sail in any conditions just about, wind is no problem to us.”

Dave Moxon, from Loxley was at the fair proudly showing off his Range Safety Boat, built from a kit but adapted by himself to become a police boat.

“It’s fast,” he said. “But there are faster ones on the water.”

Despite the blustery conditions the park was packed full of visitors - and with attractions for all ages it was no wonder.

Fairground rides, treasure hunts, and a mini steam train enchanted the children, while a display of vintage cars and buses delighted the adults. There was even a quintessentially English game of croquet with all the players wearing Victorian clothing.

But there was a foreign twist.

Spanish student Christina Sebastian, 24, and her fellow countryfolk studying at The University of Sheffield held an impromptu and very colourful demonstration.

Chanting in Spanish, and handing out leaflets, they were there to show solidarity with campaigners demonstrating in Madrid and elsewhere against austerity measures imposed by their government.

“We are all concerned about the political, economic and social outlook which we see around us,” she said. “If we join forces we can change it.

“We Spanish students in Sheffield plan to demonstrate for at least an hour each day to support our brothers and sisters back in Spain - keep an eye out for us!”