'Wendy Watson is a truly amazing and selfless woman'

Following today's revelations, Derbyshire's Wendy Watson has sent us a number of letters she has received from people who have benefited from her National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline.

Wendy Watson.
Wendy Watson.

As reported earlier, Mrs Watson has insisted she did not 'help herself' to £31,000 of the charity's funds and criticised 'some journalists' for their reporting.

Mrs Watson said she sent the below messages of support to other media organisations but they have so far not printed them.

- A lady called Helen

"Based on her wealth of experience, Wendy was able to give me invaluable advice and pointed me in the right direction just in the nick of time. I honestly believe that the advice I received from the helpline may have saved my life and I will be eternally grateful to Wendy for that. In the years since my diagnosis, Wendy has continued to be supportive to me at all times, despite lack of charity funding and personal illness. She is a truly amazing and selfless woman who is passionate about helping others."

- A lady called Karen

"Wendy has done nothing but help people get through a difficult time in their lives. She has been there 24 hours a day to listen to people and support them and has put all these people first ahead of her own needs and requirements. We all take our health for granted until something goes wrong and it's not until then that we realise how alone you can be when trying to find a helping hand. That is why Wendy's charity and others like it are so important. The majority of these charities are self funding and without them where would people go to? Surely we should be looking to support them?'‹"

- A lady called Sue

"As someone who struggled to get support at one of the most devastating times of my life Wendy was there 24 hours a day at the end of a phone or email. She has made it her mission in life to support people going through difficulties with hereditary cancers and should be commended for her commitment to supporting people at their most vulnerable times. She is an inspirational women who has inspired me to change my career path in order to get involved in helping others. I have attended the support group get-togethers for many years which sees new faces each time we meet. To watch women arrive looking fearful and petrified to seeing them leave looking reassured and informed is priceless and I feel something that should be encouraged and commended."