Well life’s not so gay now, is it Paris?

Resigned: Paris Brown
Resigned: Paris Brown
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Well, Paris Brown has just gone up in my estimation.

She found the common-sense to resign from her post as Britain’s first youth crime commissioner.

It must have been a tough call; she was turning her 17-year-old back on a £15,000 salary and a lofty position as a mouthpiece for local youth. They’re huge attractions for a gobby little clever-clogs with delusions of self-importance.

I bet she thought she was it when she got elected. But she’d only been in the job a week before she was uncovered, ugly warts and all. Vile rants with which she had “showed off” (her words) on Twitter and Facebook surfaced.

At first the Sheerness teen cried a lot and pleaded ignorance of youth in a bid to hold on to her post. Bizarrely, some people swallowed it and actually thought she should be allowed to carry on representing youth in a society made up of all races, religions and sexual persuasions.

Get real; she was only 14? What the hell kind of excuse is that?

I know loads of teenagers who wouldn’t dream of airing racist and homophobic comments on Twitter and Facebook - because, quite simply, they don’t hold such nasty, intolerant views.

Paris (was she named after the place, or the flash-trash Hilton girl?) was clearly unsuitable for a role that demanded maturity, a sense of duty and above all, respect and tolerance for others.

Kent’s police and crime commissioner needs to look again for a young comrade. It shouldn’t take her long. Fore every Paris, there are a hundred great kids.