Well done to our youngsters

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A FEW weeks ago I wrote in this newspaper we are a sick country.

Reading the nationals of late we should be proud of the young people in our city, for they have proved not only that I am wrong about Sheffield, but they have respect for their parents as well.

Retired now and being taught respect through my apprenticeship I will never forget the immortal words of my mother which shaped my life.

“Thee ever bring trouble ta ma door an i’l gi thee trouble like tha’s never seen.”

Mother was a gem amongst all the diamonds in this world. Well done, Sheffield youngsters.

Frank Hardy

How clever of Cameron to tell councils to evict council tenants whose schildren have caused trouble on our streets.

As soon as the tenants get evicted then they are classed as homeless, that means they get priority to receive another dwelling.

No punishment at all. In fact, the ones being evicted more than likely get a better dwelling.

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