Well done Sheffield

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Sheffield Council is often criticised, sometimes fairly and sometimes not.

The move to open the city doors to those who are running from maniacs with bullets is to be applauded.

After Flashman made his tepid speech this week then chose to hide it behind news of an assassination it seemed likely that the UK would duck its moral obligation.

OK, so there will be many who begrudge these frightened people their safe haven in The Steel City based upon the homeless we already have who are from Sheffield, but it needs to be remembered that the Tories are responsible for all the problems which can be traced back to budget cuts.

The council is in a very difficult position and have chosen to come down on the side of humanitarian compassion, something which is all too rare in government circles just lately.

I just hope the ordinary people of the Steel City choose to follow the example of the ordinary German people and show genuine warmth to these people, and into the bargain rise above the cold cash-driven immoral stance of Flashman and his silver spoon chums. Well done to everyone who took part in this fine decision.

Bill Stewardson