Well done fans

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I’ve never said this in my life, but a big thank you to Owls supporters who visited Bramall Lane to place flowers and scarves at the Gary Speed memorial.

There are more important things to life than football rivalry.

Pete Halliday, Cliff Street

High cost of reorganisation

Like most people I’ve seen and experienced dramatic improvements in local health services over the last decade.

I’m very proud that our hospitals have been named the best in the North of England (Nov 28) but we are already beginning to see the results of government policies as the number of people waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment increased by 9% over the last year.

Last week, the Department of Health revealed for the first time that Primary Care Trusts are being told to set aside 2% of their budgets next year and the year after just to pay for reorganisation. In Sheffield, that’s nearly £38 million.

It’s incredible that the Government is to waste £3.5bn nationally on a completely unnecessary reorganisation, at the same time as it cuts winter fuel payments, working tax credits and spending on other services because it says they can’t be afforded.

Maureen Stoneman, Lundwood Grove, S20

Favoured area

Can somebody explain why millions are being spent upgrading Harborough Avenue on the Manor?

The work involves forming kerbed parking bays, grassed areas and footpaths are being block-paved, one of the most expensive methods. When the rest of the city is tripping over uneven pavements and driving over potholed roads the expense is more akin to a city centre pedestrian area. When there are cutbacks and redundancies this is outrageous.

Mind you, this is one of the Labour’s favoured areas.

J Bunting, Greenhill