Well done Alice

Alice Hattersley, from Dronfield, winner for the East Midlands in the Royal Mail Christmas stamp competition 2017.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 6:59 am
Updated Monday, 5th June 2017, 7:01 am
Dronfield schoolgirl, Alice Hattersley, from Penny Acres Primary School has been named as the winner of the East Midlands aged 4 to 7 category in Royal Mails 2017 Christmas Stamp Design Competition.

And good luck for the final.



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Weren’t reight good at that

Well I bet Mr Chansiri must be rueing not appointing David Blunkett as manager two years ago. After all here’s a man with tactical nous and expertise, team building guru and difficult decision maker gained over 65 years!

Well I’ve been watching the Owls for 60 and I’m no more qualified to offer how to run a Championship team than he is. He then has the temerity to bring up the matter of how much someone is earning compared to the average Sheffielder. This from a man who has earned way more than the average Sheffielder and is now drawing an MP’s pension, (a non contributory tax payer funded scheme by far the best in the country). A man part of the Blair government that told us to expect 30,000 Eastern European workers when they opened up the borders, to then have hundreds of thousands flood in resulting in lowering of pay rates and job prospects of Sheffielders. A man part of the Blair government that stood idly by as hundreds of highly skilled and well paid jobs were lost as steelworks closed. He’s good at making decisions eh? Well stick to politics David cos for my money tha weren’t reight good at that.

Paul Shepherd

by email

I will not vote Labour

Obviously Peter Price didn’t watch the interview with Andrew Neill, I’m sorry but I even felt embarrassed watching it.

Believe me while ever he is leader and Diane Abbott a home secretary in waiting I will not vote for Labour.

PH Siddall


Right wingers take note

During the late 1960s, the Employment Secretary Barbara Castle launched a bill to curb powers of the trade unions following several strikes.

The unions were becoming increasingly militant and the government led by Harold Wilson wanted to introduce measures to bring them under control. The bill was defeated by the TUC and the left of the Labour Party.

Right wingers take note.



Warm, but not this warm

You know the Peter Kay sketch, his mum and aunty, ‘I like it warm but not this warm’? Well, sat behind two older ladies on the bus: ‘I like it warm Rita I do but not this warm, it’s too warm, it soaks you right through.’ ‘Well it’s all change at the weekend Rita says, ‘ Is it I will be glad’, the other lady says.

Made me chuckle on a miserable morning on the way to work after all these bad things happening.

Jayne Grayson

by email

The Star’s resident pixie

I would have loved to read the Electric Avenue piece on Black Box Trackers in today’s Star, (Wednesday, May 31, page 32), but unfortunately the article had been substantially redacted, perhaps for security reasons?

Either that or the Star’s resident pixie has been at work again, the same mischievous imp that regularly brings us weather forecasts for the Southampton area and prints the same article two nights running. Needs to be put firmly back in his/her bottle. On second thoughts perhaps said imp can be cajoled into printing the Electric Avenue piece again, this time in full.

On politics I think I have finally alighted on a party that deserves my vote for in the forthcoming election. I was intrigued by the manifesto of the Pirate Party UK candidate for Sheffield Central, especially scrapping the “Snooper’s Charter” and blanket surveillance measures. If they are standing in my constituency maybe I will vote for them. I can’t wait to see the Jolly Roger flying over No. 10. Yay, way to go guys.

Gary Crosby

by email

James’ Alleluia

We went to the Shine Academy at the Salvation Army on Psalter Lane Nether Edge on Friday, May 19, we saw a 12 year old young man called James Procter who brought tears to my eyes singing his little heart out with Alleluia.

He was the only male there singing, must have been over 50 female singers all with great voices. Liz Mack has done a wonderful job teaching and organizing the show. Cannot wait for the next performance.

Kath E

by email

Lord Blunkett

I agree with Lord Blunkett that the chairman is doing his utmost to get promotion.

I have been a supporter since the early fifties. I really dont understand why the chairman’s money is being used to buy good players, to be on the bench, or not used at all.

Graham Feetham

by email

Needs to go to Specsavers

There have been a number of letters recently praising Jeremy Corbyn. One letter said he was statesman like and another said that he should be given a chance to be Prime Minister. I think that the correspondents need to go to Specsavers.

Corbyn has consistently voted against anti terrorist measures proposed by governments. He has declared that Nato “is a danger to World Peace”. He is dithering about the keeping and using Trident. It is well known that he had sympathies for the IRA. He criticised Margaret Thatcher for rescuing the Falklands from a dictatorship. He claims that Britain’s overseas policy was a contributory factor in the Manchester terrorist attack, forgetting that similar attacks took place before the war in Iraq.

Thankfully, Andy Burnham, swiftly distanced himself from Corbyn’s statement.

J Bunting


Inaccuracy over scarf

In your coverage of the BAFTAs and the award for Best Documentary to Hillsborough you wrote:

Professor Phil Scraton, the main author of the independent panel’s report into the tragedy and the film’s factual consultant, joined the production team on stage to accept the award.

The Merseyside professor was moved to tears while accepting the award and stood with a Liverpool FC scarf on stage.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/watch-hillsborough-crew-member-moved-to-tears-picking-up-bafta-for-powerful-documentary-1-8543622http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/watch-hillsborough-crew-member-moved-to-tears-picking-up-bafta-for-powerful-documentary-1-8543622

It was not a Liverpool Scarf but the ‘Justice’ scarf of the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

I wore it as a tribute to the bereaved and survivors.

Phil Scraton PhD, DLaws (Hon)

Professor Emeritus School of Law