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Maundy Thursday, the Cathedral Bells going like the clappers – it’s Notre Dame after Quasimodo has rescued Esmeralda.

Yeoman of the Guard file into the Cutlers Hall for some snap – the real Yeoman of the Guard – we have our own resident comic opera line-up in Sheffield. The Bishop is in his home kit – after HM has set off for the Town Hall many of the cast – resplendent in big’ats’, ‘facilitators’ and flat caps follow in double decker buses – it’s all very Sheffield.

South Yorkshire’s finest line up smiling along East Parade – if I had a camera and they were glum what would I say to cheer them up?

Gorgonzola? Dr Billings I presume? How would you like to be in Theresa May’s shoes?

I shake hands with a Sikh lad, chinwag and chuckle with a Chinese lad over the days of Chinese laundries on Middlewood Road and spot Asian lads with Union Flag tops and flags and a dog complete with flag.

Only melancholy moment comes when a couple walk past and the feller shakes his head over it all.

Oh, and I couldn’t sample the Blue Moon’s homity pie.

A great day. A great double act. Well done Sheffield.

Ron Clayton