Welcome to the Sheffield estate... that has become 'overrun with rats'

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Despondent Sheffield residents claim they face a daily battle against vermin after their estate became 'infested with rats'.

Shaun Outram said that he and his neighbours have already had to deal with 17 dead rats in the Page Hall estate this week.

The frustrated resident has claimed that in the past three or four years, the amount of rats he has caught in his traps has reached 'triple figures'.

Mr Outram has blamed the increasing litter and fly-tipping problem across the estate for the issue.

He said: " It was really bad 2/3 years ago and now it's hell again. You see them all over the estate.

"There's bags of food piled up every day, the council come round and collect them but the road is filled with food.

"It's all you can hear at night. I have two Jack Russells and I can't get them in at night because he goes mad barking.

"You can't leave your door open and I'm scared to death of them coming in the house."

The 53-year-old has lived in his Page Hall home for 15 years and believes his home has lost around £10,000 in value as a result of the litter and rat problem.

He has now called on the council to take a more proactive approach in tackling the issue.

"If you are on benefits you can get a free rat treatment but if not it's about £100," he explained.

"We need to tackle the litter problem and the fly tipping problem and the dumping of the black bags.

"It's rat heaven for them round here. The council need to be more proactive in people dumping these bags and throwing the litter down.

"They could take them up to the tip themselves, it's their own health it's affecting."

A spokesperson for Sheffield City Council said: “We have had a report this week from one resident who has told us that they have a significant problem and we are investigating.

“At a recent Neighbourhood Watch meeting in Page Hall the Council’s Head of Environmental Regulation who attended did discuss this issue with residents and repeated his message that people need to ring us about any rodent issues.

“The officers and councillors who attended also stressed the need to report all cases of infestation. We have found in the past that sometimes people do not report rat problems until they are more severe.

“Therefore we are doing all we can to educate local residents to contact us as soon as possible. When people report problems we record the incident and we will take action.

“We offer a free service, to get rid of rats, to people who qualify and serve notices where landlords or residents do not keep their land clear of pests.

“Call 0114 2037410 or report a problem using the online pest control request form.”