Welcome, one and all

There is only one thing to do to bring tourists to Sheffield, tell them it's the capital of South Yorkshire and there is everything you need to enjoy your stay.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9:05 am

Shops, cafes, cinemas, hotels, great transport links, parks, theatres, Meadowhall, Peak District, and more.

To top it all you have the good people of Sheffield with the broad Yorkshire accent. Come and visit us in the city of Sheffield, once visited you may never want to leave.

Bienvenue, benvenuto, bienvenido, willkommen, in plain English, welcome one and all.

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EB Warris

by email

Showing off Sheffield?

We are asked to show off Sheffield to attract tourists, but I have to express some cynicism about this.

I do my own small bit for Sheffield tourism by being an Airbnb host and hosting Japanese language school students. Over three years of hosting, 90 per cent of my Airbnb guests have come, not to see Sheffield, but to walk or explore the Peak District. Only one has come for a specific Sheffield reason, to attend the Doc Fest.

When encouraging Japanese tourists to do touristy things in Sheffield, there is very little to recommend, the small Weston Park Museum, Kelham Island Museum, Botanical Gardens and Abb-eydale Industrial Heritage and the Winter Garden, and they always go to York, Manchester, Chester and Leeds in preference to staying in Sheffield and looking around.

Sheffield really has nothing outstanding. Apart from Kelham Island, we have no significant galleries or museums, little historically interesting architecture and a muddle of a city centre that is difficult to navigate round either by bus or car. We seem to have had dull and heavy-handed planning, little imaginative leadership and small-town thinking. Other cities have far out-paced Sheffield.

Having lived here for 40 years I wish I had chosen somewhere more imaginative like Bristol or Manchester.

Even the strong political ethos of the 70s and 80s has now become a laughing stock around the world because of the trees fiasco and an intransigent political leadership.

Shame on Sheffield.

Jennie Street

by email

Dropped a peg or two

We all have to spread the word about our great city.

It once was a great town but let’s be honest it’s certainly dropped a peg or two. Why? Well I only have a few lines, not enough to get into as to why but we all see the city struggling and it’s a ruddy shame.

Having been in Edinburgh for the new year, a city that has so much culture and heritage to it, our town doesn’t have the attractions like that city does.

My hubby works in the houses of the rich – the majority have come to Sheffield to study, loved it and never left, he hears that time and time again so it’s obviously hitting the right note with some people.

I love my town, I probably won’t leave it, I like it as do many others, though if I win the lottery, some foreign hot spot maybe calling me.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Stinking rotten lot

We have now an unelected member of the House of Lords, Lord Adonis, who has never ever won any election or received any public vote, ever, telling us all he is trying his best to stop Brexit along with the warmongering liar Blair who thinks he alone has the right to overturn a democratic vote on Brexit, ignoring the democratic fact that the vote was won by 17.5 million people.

It is also now claimed that Labours Sir Keir Starmer, when Crown Prosecutor, refused to listen to more than 100 new cases of sexual assault brought by women in the Worboys ‘black cab’ court case.

Then we come to ‘Jezza’ Corbyn, our next Labour Prime Minister, so he tells us, who is now prepared to elevate three of his really very ‘leftist’ chums into the house of Lords, which I always thought he disagreed with. Ex-fat cat Unite union boss Tony Woodley, Murad Qureshi once a Labour member of the London Assembly and last but probably not least ‘Jezza’ is prepared to elevate the most left wing of the lot, Martha Osamar, who was banned from running to become a Labour MP in the 1980s because she was too left wing.

We thought the Tories were the elitists who were trying to continue running the show but that is an underestimation and that is one thing we ordinary folk should never forget.

“I know my place” someone once said before we ordinary folk became educated, what a stinking rotten lot we’ve allowed in power to represent us ?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Sad state of cricket

I was very saddened to read the sporting pages of the Star these last two days and find not a single reference to England’s endeavours in the Ashes series despite the presence of local lad Joe Root as captain.

This is the most prestigious cricket tournament in the world and despite the fact that our lads did not perform particularly well I would at least have expected a small paragraph among the multiple pages of football news.

I think the roots of this go back to Yorkshire Cricket Club’s total abandonment of their Sheffield followers, (or ex-followers now). The fact that Yorkshire County Cricket Club, born in Sheffield, has now firmly established itself as Leeds City Cricket Club is a disgrace to the county and is a very sad state of affairs for the many lovers of cricket in this city.

I feel very sad that as an ardent follower of the international game and an avid listener to Test Match Special I no longer have any interest in how Yorkshire are performing and I think that my personal feelings are reflected in the news coverage that the game gets in Sheffield.

John Scholey

Clifford Road, S11

Honours list such a sham

Well said EB Warris, I absolutely agree. The honours list is such a sham. Ringo Starr wouldn’t be where he is today without his fans.

Sandra Hodgkinson

by email

Retaining all the benefits

Further to Pete Bellamy’s excellent post, re not renewing club membership while at the same time retaining the benefits.

Perhaps there may be an option to be a club member at an organisation based in the Pacific Ocean, that may be cheaper.

As I understand it, this is an option put forward by joint “committee members, Davis, Fox Johnson and Gove.

B Heaton