Weird World: Comics found in basement sell for over £1.3 million

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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A COMIC book collection discovered stored away in a basement closet is expected to sell for more than 2 million dollars (£1.3 million) at auction.

The 345 comics that Billy Wright collected in his youth and preserved until his death in 1994 will be put up for auction in New York. Michael Rorrer, of California, said he found his great uncle’s collection while helping clean out his great aunt’s Virginia home after her death.

Among the notable issues are Action Comics No 1, in which Superman debuted, Detectives Comics No 27, in which Batman debuted and Captain America No 2, which features Adolf Hitler on the cover.


A hunt is on for 70 cows willing to take to the skies as part of an ambitious charity flight.

A herd of heifers will be checking in at a Belfast airport later this year before a one-way aid trip to Romania to help communities struggling to feed themselves.

The charity behind the agricultural airlift - Bothar - is looking for farmers willing to donate a cow and allow it to join the four-legged flight.

The charity has carried out similar airlifts from the Republic of Ireland but this will be the first heifer airlift from Northern Ireland.