Weighting game to snaffle fat op

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A 20-stone man is trying to put on enough weight to enable him to have a gastric bypass op on the NHS.

The 45-year-old from Portsmouth is under the limit for surgery

So rather than seeing the fact that he’s not fat enough for major surgery as a positive, and embarking on a diet, he’s trying to eat his way on to the operating table. Already he’s piled on 21lbs in his quest.

Talk about eating yourself to death. This guy has been a diabetic for 15 years; getting fatter will actually endanger his life.

But the oaf who now scoffs three-quarters of a loaf, four packs of crisps and a stack of bacon sarnies on top of his daily meals obviously can’t see past the end of his nose, let alone down to his toes.

He obviously reckons those hugely expensive gastric band ops are the easy way to get slim.

Self-centred Darin McCloud says “There’s a switch somewhere, but I can’t turn it off.” Now, which switch is he referring to? The one on the deep-fat fryer, the toaster or the microwave?

The NHS should refuse to treat anyone who is deliberately putting on weight so they can have a free op.