Wedding plan for Sheffield truck yard set for green light

TRC Truck Rental, Dannemora Drive, Darnall, is set to be turned into a wedding venue.
TRC Truck Rental, Dannemora Drive, Darnall, is set to be turned into a wedding venue.
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Plans to turn a Sheffield truck yard into a Muslim wedding venue are set to go ahead – despite objections from nearby firms.

Proposals to change the use of and extend TRC Truck Rental, Dannemora Drive, Darnall – which would also create a shisha smoking lounge on the industrial estate – are recommended for approval when Sheffield Council members meet to decide the application.

Business owners have raised fears about how parking and access on the estate will be affected by hundreds of people attending events at the venue.

Other issues raised include that leisure facilities are ‘not appropriate’ for an industrial estate, potential anti-social behaviour and crime, secondhand smoke and the supervision of children.

However, council planning officers, in their pre-meeting report to members, said: “There is no evidence the proposal will worsen security problems for businesses. It is just as likely the increased activity outside the normal working day will deter crime on the estate.”

The report says noise can be adequately controlled and parking is expected to be ‘sufficient’ at most times.

However, officers recognised there would be a ‘negative highway impact at certain times’, but said it was not considered to be’ severe’ so rejection could be justified.

Firm AMP is behind the application and has said the location was chosen because of its transport links, parking and bus routes.

It will also be used for other functions with a maximum of two weddings a week.

An agreement to limit the number of customers to 240 is recommended.