Web users have say on The Sheffield Star

The web chat live on screen
The web chat live on screen
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A live web chat with the 
Editor of The Star took place last night asking people for their views on the changes made to the newspaper.

Readers asked a range of questions from why we made the changes to how they can get involved in writing stories for The Star.

Jeremy Clifford, Editor, said: “It was really encouraging so many people came to give me their views online.

“There were some great questions about why the changes were made, what community news pages we were introducing and whether or not we wanted more people to send in their stories.”

It was the first time The Star has hosted a live web chat with readers and something that will be repeated.

Andrew Twist said he liked the new look and the new typeface we were using.

John Brookes said he had taken some video of the funeral of Mrs Thatcher and wanted to know how to send it in to us. And there were a number of questions from Rob about our community news pages.

He asked: “How are the community pages going to work?”

The Editor replied that there were five new community news pages running on Thursdays and on one Wednesday per month, in addition to the four that are published on Tuesdays.

Rob also asked why the launch edition on Tuesday only carried a front page picture with no story.

The Editor replied it was down to the layout that was chosen for that day. But the new design meant we could choose different formats and designs on the front.

Paul Blomfield MP wrote that he couldn’t wait to get back to Sheffield tomorrow night to take a look at the new Star.

One reader said they didn’t like the new look.

And another said they loved the new Style supplement that is published now every Wednesday and wanted more features about women in the paper.

See the full web chat at www.thestar.co.uk under the news heading at the top of the home page