This is what the weather will be like today in Sheffield

The weather forecast for Sheffield today is for early cloud followed by sunny spells and a chance of showers.

Morning low cloud and mist will slowly clear back to coasts with a chance of the odd shower.

Warm, sunny spells are likely in the afternoon, but with heavy showers possibly breaking out into the evening.

The maximum temperature will be 21 °C.

Changeable weather.

Tonight it will become increasingly cloudy, with heavy and perhaps thundery showers moving northward overnight.

The minimum temperature will be 14 °C.

Monday will be mostly bright and sunny with partly cloudy skies.

It will feel very warm with heavy thundery showers and overnight it will be humid with light winds and further thunderstorms.

The maximum temperature will be 25 °C.

The outlook for Tuesday to Thursday is for variable cloud with sunny spells expected, and feeling very warm with heavy thundery showers likely.

The nights will become humid with lighter winds.