This is what forecasters are predicting for Sheffield today

Sheffield is set for another mainly cloudy day but forecasters have warned of the risk of heavy showers and possible thunder later on Sunday.

By Sam Cooper
Sunday, 19 May, 2019, 07:41

The Met Office said it would be cloudy but with some sunny spells before scattered showers break out in the afternoon, which could be heavy and slow-moving.

It will feelwarm in any sunshine, though, with a maximum temperature 18 °C.

Sunshine will be limited today. Picture: Steve Ellis

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Any heavier showers are expect to ease through the evening and it will be mainly cloudy overnight with the odd clear spell, and isolated light showers.

Temperatures are not expected to fall below 7 °C.

Forecasters said there would be limited bright spells on Monday with scattered showers breaking out once again, some of these heavy and possibly thundery.

Temperatures could reach 19 °C.