Sheffield weather: City could enjoy heatwave this month but pollen count could rise

With a hot summer expected across the UK, a heatwave could be enjoyed in Sheffield as early as the end of May.

Monday, 9th May 2022, 12:35 pm

By the end of May, Sheffield could see a heatwave with temperature reaching as high as 23C.

The heatwave at the end of the month could be the first of many hitting Sheffield and the rest of the UK this summer.

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City skyline in Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Temperatures in Sheffield are expected to rise this week, with some mornings reaching 17C and Sunday afternoon set to reach a high of 19C.

UK weather forecasters are anticipating ‘four or five’ heatwaves in what is expected to be a very hot summer break for the people of Sheffield and the UK this year.

The Met Office has said that warming weather is becoming a trend for the UK, with some parts of the UK averaging daily increases in temperature of around 1C as the UK continues to be impacted by climate change.

As part of the rising temperatures and effects of climate change, Sheffield and the UK have seen a rise in the number of heatwaves in the last few years.

A study by Met Office in the summer of 2018 showed that we are now 30 times more likely to experience heatwaves in the UK than in 1750 due to higher concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The month of May will still contain some rainy spells and cloud, however, Sheffield can expect some consecutive days of heat and sun by the end of the month.

The pollen count rises during warm spells, normally meaning misery for hay fever sufferers.