Met Office issues hay-fever warning for Sheffield with pollen levels expected to surge over the weekend

Pollen levels are expected to be very high this weekend, according to the Met Office

Friday, 25th June 2021, 5:19 pm
Updated Friday, 25th June 2021, 5:28 pm

Hay fever symptoms usually appear when the pollen count, which is a measure of the number of grains of pollen in one cubic metre of air, exceeds 50.

Weather conditions affect how much pollen is released into the air, and on humid and windy days, pollen spreads easily, but on rainy days, pollen can be cleared from the air.

On sunny days, the pollen count is highest in the early evening, and that's when you are most likely to suffer from hay fever symptoms.

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Pollen levels are expected to be very high this weekend. Picture: Met Office

The majority of people are allergic to grass pollen, which is currently in peak season.

In terms of the weather forecast, we’ll have just a few late spells of sunshine on Friday evening. It will turn cloudy overnight, and there is a chance of some heavy showers in places.

Saturday will see variable cloud amounts in the morning and a few brighter or sunny spells in places. Cloud will become more broken in the afternoon, and it should turn sunny for all. Light winds are also expected.

Sunday will start cloudy with the odd shower or spot of rain possible. Longer spells of rain may develop for some in the afternoon.

On Monday, we’ll possibly the odd spell of sunshine in the morning, but there is the risk of further spells of rain in the afternoon, although there is uncertainty over this.

Tuesday will be cloudy for most, with a chance of rain moving into places late in the day.

The maximum temperature will average around 20 °C over the weekend.

Met Office forecast in full


Brighter for many, with some sunny spells, but also the risk of one or two heavy showers developing. Possibly cloudier across the North with further drizzle possible. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Often rather cloudy, especially Sunday, but generally fine and dry with light winds and spells of warm sunshine. Staying rather dull and cloudy for most throughout Tuesday.

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