Weather wet and windy

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Sheffield experienced its wettest October in 11 years according to weather experts.

Figures from the Museums Sheffield weather station at Weston Park recorded 139mm of rain – compared with 145mm in 2002.

It also logged 11 days of more than 5mm of rain – again the most since 2002.

The average October rainfall by contrast is 74mm, while the wettest on record was 1998, with 197.9mm.

But the weather was fairly mild, with temperatures never dropping below 4.1C – for the first time since 2006.

It was also a dull month, with just 73.7 hours of sunshine, the dullest October since 2005 when there were 62.6 hours.

The dullest October recorded was 1915 with 35 hours of sunshine.

A spokesman said: “During the stormy conditions last week, the strongest gust of wind was about 44mph.

“But this isn’t particularly unusual for October in Sheffield and doesn’t even qualify for the title of strongest gust of wind of the year, which was 51 knots, about 59mph, in April.”