Weather update: “Be aware” warning in place for snow and ice

Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast
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Forecasters have warned more snow is on the way after blizzards disrupted travel and closed schools in parts of the UK.

A yellow “be aware” warning for snow and ice remains in place across Wales, Northern Ireland and much of England, with sleet and snow showers possible overnight.

The Met Office said: “This is most likely to occur in the west of the yellow area, with the high ground of Wales, the moors of south west England, the Mendips and Cotswolds at greatest risk of snow accumulations.

“A lower risk exists across south east England early on Wednesday morning. Icy stretches will also form on untreated surfaces.”

However, in Scotland the Met Office has upgraded its weather warning to an amber “be prepared” alert across central and southern Scotland while alerts remain in place for the rest of the country.

Significant snow showers are expected tonight and tomorrow morning, with motorists and bus and train passengers in Scotland warned that the extreme conditions could affect travel.