Weather set to be wet for Tour in Sheffield

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Traditionally damp British weather is expected as the Tour de France arrives in Yorkshire.

The hundreds of thousands of visitors to the county are advised to pack a jacket - as forecasters predict showers among sunny spells on Sunday.

But race day in Sheffield will at least be better than race day in Leeds, as it is expected to rain on most of Saturday during Stage One of the event.

There will be temperatures of between 17 degrees and 19 degrees over the two days, according to Meteo Group.

And a fair wind could get up, especially in places such as High Bradfield.

Forecaster Helen Rossington said: “If this front comes in as we are expecting it is going to be pretty wet this weekend - I would say traditional Yorkshire weather.

“On Saturday it is probably going to rain for most of the day - it will be windier than it has been too.

“It is better on the Sunday, with sunny spells and maybe a few showers.

“But it will be a bit cooler that day as well.”