Weather - ‘blip’ suggests Sheffield summers are lasting longer

Autumnal scenes on Psalter Lane in Sheffield.
Autumnal scenes on Psalter Lane in Sheffield.
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Monthly temperatures recorded in Sheffield suggest the city’s warmer weather is lasting longer as we bask in more Indian summers.

The pattern, studied by staff at Museums Sheffield’s historic weather station in Weston Park, comes after Sheffield enjoyed its third joint warmest November day on record.

Temperatures on Sunday reached 18.1C – allowing people to enjoy activities more suitable to a summer’s day.

The same temperature was reached on November 4, 1946, and the mercury soared to 18.4C on November 5, 1938, as well as a sweltering 18.9C on November 2, 1927.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural sciences at Museums Sheffield, has created a graph which shows how mean monthly temperatures recorded in Sheffield in the 1880s and 1950s differ from those after 2010.

In the 1880s mean temperatures in October were around 8-10C, according to the graph, while in the years after 2010 they appear to be from around 10-12C.

“It is the tiniest little blip but it does show a difference from what we were experiencing in the 1950s and 1980s,” said Alistair.

“It does seem to suggest that at the moment we are experiencing later summers into October.

“The other interesting thing that the graph shows is that we are experiencing earlier springs as well.”

The graph shows that in the 1880s, mean recorded temperatures were under 4C in March, when spring officially begins.

But after 2010, they hover more around the 6-8C mark in the same month.

The monthly weather report for October from the weather station showed the mean temperature was 10.8C, slightly warmer than average but cooler than last year when it was 11.9 degrees. In 2014 Halloween on October 31 was the hottest ever on record, at 16C, but this year it was 12.3C.

The average for October 31 since 1970 is around 9.5C.

In October there was also 65.4mm of rain, which was lower than average and less than in the last two years, which were unusually wet.

There was 84.9mm of rainfall in 2014 and 139.1mm in 2013.