Wear poppy with pride

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THERE is a deep symbolism to the date of this year’s Armistice Day. It falls on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of this century.

It is the kind of quirky numeric coincidence which makes the event stand out in the national consciousness.

But we are sure that the man and woman in the street will need no prompting to fall silent on this conspicuous moment in remembrance of the service personnel who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

For the continued sacrifice by British servicemen and women in Afghanistan is a chilling reminder of the daily courage being displayed in distant lands in the name of duty.

From now and until Remembrance Day, we will be giving a voice to the many organisations which have helped the victims of wars as well as to the individuals who have endured the hell of conflict.

And we are keen to encourage people to support the Royal British Legion so they can continue to help men and women whose lives have been drastically affected by their involvement in wars.

You will have noticed that a poppy this year adorns this newspaper’s masthead. We appeal to all readers to wear their poppy with pride... just like us!

Time to look to region’s future

IT is time to put behind us the controversy of the cancelled Forgemasters loan, which brought so much condemnation on the heads of the coalition government.

For now we witness a new chapter in this saga after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced that the Brightside Lane company is to receive a £36 million Government loan to expand its production facilities.

This is great news for our region’s manufacturing industries as it will allow the company to stride forward into a future which continually shows promise for Forgemasters’ prospects.

The company will use the cash to buy new machines and equipment, allowing it to expand its business and create dozens of desperately needed new jobs. Elsewhere, two other companies have also been successful in their bids for Regional Growth Fund cash, showing that the coalition government understands its role in helping local businesses, upon which so much of the nation’s economic prosperity depends.

We agree that it would be good to turn back the clock. But that is not possible. We have to live in the present with the reality it delivers. And that means we are delighted at this boost to an important local firm.