We would put money where our mouths are

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You say (March 3 and 4) that Labour ‘opposed’ cuts to funding for Sure Start Children’s Centres. Labour said it supported the Defend Sure Start Campaign, but when it came to budget day, they did not attempt to reverse any cuts.

They contented themselves with issuing a manifesto for the May elections. Even in this, they set aside less than a third of what is needed to stop cuts to Sure Start. And of course, by May, redundancies will have been made and services reduced.

The Green budget would have saved cuts to Sure Start as well as other vital services such as Police Community Support Officers, citizens advice and day care for the elderly. But Labour did not support us or vote against cuts.

Sure Start is not some cosy club for young mums. It ensures that every new baby is seen by a health visitor and that all parents get the help and advice they need. It replaced the old midwife and health visitor clinics at GP surgeries but also encourages parents to get together and help each other too. In the long term, it prevents problems and saves resources.

Lib Dems and Labour pay lip service to giving children the best start but only the Greens were prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

Coun Jillian Creasy, Green Party