We won’t have our green reputation much longer

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How shocking it is to learn that Sheffield is to lose 1,200 of its beautiful trees and that the Streets Ahead contractor Amey has already felled 750, some 100 years old (Star, Jauary 18).

I do not believe for one moment that all these trees were either dead, dying, diseased or dangerous and I am accusing Sheffield City Council of wanton destruction of our city’s trees in order to save money on maintenance costs.

How can they possibly think that planting 1,000 more trees can compensate for this loss?

Many of us will never live long enough to see these new trees reach maturity and as they have admitted there are no guarantees they will be planted in the same place. When I first heard about this programme I guessed that this was just an excuse to get rid of lots of our lovely trees and it now appears that my fears were justified.

Sheffield City Council are a disgrace as they care nothing about our ancient buildings or the city’s trees and won’t be satisfied until they’ve destroyed everything that’s elegant and beautiful in our city.

This council is famous for already having made decisions on a variety of issues before any public consultation takes place.

Left in their hands Sheffield will not have its green reputation for much longer and our roads will no longer be lined with many lovely old mature trees that have survived from Victorian times.

Susan Richardson