We will never know what might have been

.Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield..Terminal building.
.Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield..Terminal building.
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I’m so pleased that finally Sheffield Newspapers and indeed its main man, editor James Mitchinson, has conceded that Sheffield should after all have had its own airport. (Star, Wednesday, October 21 ).

Both I and several others have bombarded the press with numerous letters over the last few years, labouring this point but to no avail.

It is tragic that the UK’s fourth largest city does not possess an airport when this could so easily have been remedied. Our blinkered Luddite Council and sadly also captains of industry could not see the wood for the trees and offered no support, financial or otherwise, to revive the airport after its initial demise which was caused by a temporary economic downturn. It could and should have been re-opened and allowed to work alongside Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. It was announced only last week that Doncaster’s trade is 93 per cent pleasure flights. Sheffield Airport was designed for business flights and the potential business and prosperity which could have been created for the Sheffield area was phenomenal.

It could even have been our very own local Northern Powerhouse.

Instead, the developers have had a nice little earner for their £1 investment, which was the idea all along, and Sheffield has been left in an air transport wilderness. Doncaster is not and never will be “on our doorstep” and its impossible ambitions to overtake Leeds/Bradford within five years are both spurious and fatuous.

The new proposals and job creation for the old airport site are to be commended and very welcome to boost our local economy but as to what might have been --- we shall never know.

R.I.P. Sheffield City Airport

Howard Greaves, S7