We want tips for living with diabetes

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We are calling on people who live in Sheffield and are affected by diabetes to send us their practical top tips.

We are gathering indispensable tips to create the first ever book for people living with diabetes, written by people with diabetes.

It is called ‘100 things I wish I’d known about living with diabetes’ and will be a free book for anyone affected by the condition.

Whether living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or live with someone who does, there will be everyday hurdles that people living with the condition are best placed to offer tips around overcoming.

I therefore hope that your readers who either live with diabetes or know someone who does, may be willing to share a top tip with us.

There are a wide range of topics this tip might be on such as: travelling and holidays; driving; sex and relationships; diet and fitness; school or work; or family – including raising children with Type 1 diabetes.

We ask that tips are kept short – to one or two sentences, and that they offer helpful everyday solutions as opposed to medical advice.

If someone’s tip gets used in the book, their name will not only be published in the book but their name and tip could also be used to promote the book on TV, in newspapers, online and in other marketing materials.

So it’s important that anyone who submits a tip is sure they are happy for their first name to be used in this way.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a project that will see the first ever book written by people with diabetes for people with diabetes, to help everyone with the condition to live well.

People in Sheffield are invited to share their top tips at www.diabetes.org.uk/top-tips, by August 7.

Stephen Ryan

Diabetes UK Regional Manager, North of England