We want flights back to Sheffield

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Sheffield and Rotherham councils should have got more involved over the closure of Sheffield Airport.

Getting Peel Holdings involved was a big mistake as it seems they simply wanted land for industrial units.

Purchasing Sheffield was something of a smokescreen to try and stop protests against Doncaster being developed. Even at the late stage when closing Sheffield, there was a very good chance to use Sheffield for helicopters.

A city the size of Sheffield should have an airport, even if limited to the size of others such as London City and Belfast. When small towns such as Newquay and Bournemouth having a successful airport it is disgraceful that Sheffield cannot do the same.

I hope Yorkshire MEP Timothy Kirkhope has some success in what he is trying to do as I am sure a lot of people want flights back in Sheffield.

I was not aware European money helped in the development of the site. Questions should be asked and answered about that money.

J Hogg