We want equal bus treatment

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IT is said that Sprotbrough is split over paying for school bus fares to Ridgewood school. What parents would like is equality for children who travel by bus to school.

As with regards to a safe walking route to Ridgewood school, the council expects kids to walk from homes around Richmond Hill prim- ary, down Sprotbrough Road, along York Road and up Barnsley Road. This takes over an hour while others have a free five-minute bus ride.

I’d like to see the risk assessment which says this is safe. Chris Pratt says the council has a clear policy for home-to-school transport. Having read this, I wonder why working families are discriminated against. Less fortunate families receive a zero fare pass for two miles, not the three as stated.

Coun Jameson does not say that all children under 16 in Barnsley receive a free pass to travel by bus after 9am every day. So these children only pay one way to school and travel home free. We want equality for local kids. Parents should visit the council website and sign the online petition against these unfair costs to what’s supposed to be free education for all.

Andrew Miller, DN5