We voted, you lost

Dear Carol, I was fascinated with your letter in regards to Brexit and Paul Bloomfield's decision to back the trigger of Article 50 and I would like to add to some of your views.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th January 2017, 6:06 am
Updated Monday, 16th January 2017, 6:11 am

You state what will happen to £90 million of EU Regional Development Funding when we leave.

You mean the £90m of our billions of EU contributions that was simply paid back to us.

Next you state how we will damage our prospects of international research collaboration for our two universities. Why can’t we still collaborate with our European neighbors after Brexit?

It would be in their interests as well as ours. Leaving doesn’t mean we can’t work with them.

You state our students will lose their right to participate in the Erasmus programme.

So the fact that Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Macedonia, who are non-EU members take part doesn’t convince you that we can happily still take part after we leave.

I’m pretty sure that our top-class universities, cultural, student-friendly cities and general clout in the world will encourage the EU not to exclude us.

As for companies leaving the UK, such as HSBC. Considering the new HSBC office complex that is to be built in the new Retail Quarter, I think that they are ready to stick with us for the moment.

Yes, I agree with you that there is a lot of uncertainty right now, but we knew there would be if we voted for Brexit.

You state that Tata Steel will suffer as the EU is already imposing anti-dumping tariffs on the Chinese. What makes you think we cannot do the same?

You also state that it is not in our interests to lose NHS staff when their right to remain here is withdrawn. I wasn’t under the impression that their right was to be taken from them.

And you claim the leave campaign was full of contradictory claims and lies. You need to look at your own facts first.

And if you think that your high and mighty attitude gives you the right to turn Brexit into an anti-immigrant cause, you are sadly mistaken.

People who are working here and settled should have no worries about their status here. Even Theresa May was quick to try and get a deal for both EU nationals here and UK nationals living in other EU nations. It was your beloved, bumptious Brussels elite who flatly refused to discuss anything until we issue Article 50.

And as for the rise in racism since the vote, you are totally right and I agree it is out of order. Contrary to what you and many remoaners think, the majority of us who voted to leave the EU did so for many reasons, one being high, uncontrolled immigration, but for many other reasons also. Racism has always existed and would have done, even if we had voted to remain.

You state that the pound has had a double-digit drop since Brexit. True, but I can remember a decade or so ago, the euro was 1.47, so it has fallen steadily for years without Brexit and we knew the pound would fall if we voted leave. Lets face it, if the Governor of the Bank of England breaks wind, the pound falls, so I wasn’t surprised.

And yes, Sir Ivan Rogers handed in his notice, but with little coaxing from the Brexiters. Like his fellow remainer David Cameron, when the going gets tough, the tough chicken out and scarper.

But I suppose that is the attitude of you remoaners. Instead of having a British stiff upper lip, your upper lip is on the floor, along with your bottom one. God forbid, if we had voted to remain, I would have accepted “Democracy” and thought we need to get on with things.

I would not have been unhappy, but the majority had spoken. I certainly wouldn’t have had the utter gall to instruct my MP to ignore the will of the majority just because I did not get what I voted for.

Anti-EU sentiment has been on the increase all over the continent, long before the referendum.

Far for thinking this is a disaster, I hope that it spreads and the champagne- swilling, foie gras-munching Brussels elite get the message, that their dream of a German-run superstate is now in tatters. And they only have themselves to blame. They are not interested in what the normal person has to say.

So change the record, it is getting boring. We voted, you lost. Deal with it.

Matthew Hobson

Member of Vote LEAVE Facebook page and the “52%” majority