We’ve struck lucky again

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Not everybody is complaining about bus changes.

I’m writing from the rather posh area of Southey Green.

Posh because a lot of our streets are named after famous people; Wordsworth, Chaucer, Falstaff, Galsworthy, Buchanan, Dryden and our own John Southey.

My life stretches back to King George V and Ronnie Starling bringing back the FA Cup when Wednesday beat West Brom 3-1 at Wembley.

Our family moved to Southey in 1937 into a posh four-bedroom house. What a change from a back-to-back in the Bramall Lane area.

We found we had a wonderful bus route, No 97 Southey to Nether Edge. After the bus changes, we’ve struck lucky again. Route 20 Ecclesfield to the Moor markets and further, route 97/98 Hillsborough to the Moor markets and further.

These three routes cover a third of Sheffield at 10-15 minute intervals, Wednesday ground, Shirecliffe, Southey, Longley, Northern General, Norwood, Scott Road, Spital Hill, New Parson Cross, Old Cross, Herries Road to town.

I’m hoping other districts get the same service as those mentioned.

F Dalton

Kyle Crescent