We’ve so much to be proud of

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WHY have Sheffielders become so negative and grumble about everything?

Sheffield is a city to be proud of. We have re-invented ourselves so many times.

We got over being the finest producers of silver in England. We got over the loss of all the coal mines around us. We got over being the best producers of steel in the UK.

We are now the best city for sports in the country but, because we seem to be so downtrodden and sorry for ourselves, we are virtually ignored by the rest of the country.

Because the BBC are based in Leeds they seem to think that is the city of Yorkshire. Wrong. Sheffielders are true Yorkshire through and through.

Please, Sheffielders, start and hold your heads up and be proud of your city. We won’t let the rest of the country grind us down.

Mrs P Wainwright, Stocksbridge, S36