We still need the EU

Currently, as members of the EU, we are part of a remarkable collective of individual countries and cultures who willingly entered into a cooperative arrangement for the benefit of member states and the continent as a whole. This is unprecedented in human history.

Are we so arrogant, or so caught up in our former imperialist ‘glory’ to imagine that we could achieve more by going it alone? What kind of country do we want to live in? Would we like to live in Fortress UK, or do we enjoy communicating, collaborating, and learning from a wider community?

Some Leave campaigners argue that the EU is undemocratic.The Leave approach to democracy is curious since only Farage on the Leave side has expressed interest in reforming our own entirely undemocratic and unelected House of Lords. There is a need to reform some aspects of the legislative structure in the EU, and Green MEPs are particularly vocal about this.

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When we vote on June 23, we need to consider the long-term implications of our decision for future generations. Will we be a part of something far bigger than ourselves and wrestle with the inevitable compromise this brings ? Or will we go it alone, with less bargaining power, and fewer allies and friends, as Scotland and Northern Ireland push for independence from the UK to remain within the EU?

The EU was forged in the aftermath of World War 2 to maintain peace through building interdependence and nonviolent resolution of conflict. We still need peace. We still need the EU.

Coun Alison Teal

Nether Edge & Sharrow Ward Green Party