We should enjoy concession

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If Mr Cormack (Jan 27) hoped to invoke a response to his comments, then he’s been successful. I hope this letter is one of many!

Yes, possibly many of us can afford to pay as we saved wisely for our retirement, worked hard for well over 40 years in my case, paid taxes, never scrounged or applied for JSA if we’ve been temporarily out of work. So why shouldn’t we enjoy a concession?

He talks of green issues. If it wasn’t for the nimby attitude of residents along the Abbeydale corridor who didn’t want Supertram a big reduction in vehicle emissions would have been achieved had the tram been allowed to run along a redundant track bed, keeping disruption during construction to a minimum. I notice Mr Cormack lives at the end of that corridor.

Is he a long way from qualifying for a pass, or one of the unfortunates that has to wait a little longer, who have my sympathy?

Why do 40-somethings or even younger skip onto buses and get a free ticket?

I spoke to one person who travelled free as he was deaf. If he could speak to me, surely he could ask for ‘one to town please’.

Ian Hall

Make sure you use your vote

The council has invited Sheffield Homes to respond to its consultation on the future management of council housing.

In December we organised a workshop for our governors – that is tenants, independent members and councillors involved in the main, area and sheltered housing boards of Sheffield Homes. In January the main board agreed the content of the feedback and we are inviting comments from area and sheltered boards before sending it to the council. This is available on our website as part of the board papers for January as part of the .

I hope the council takes account of Sheffield Homes’ many achievements and particularly of the thousands of hours contributed by tenants and residents to improve services.

However, the most important thing is that the council listens to tenants through the consultation and ballot process.

Make your wishes known by voting. Whichever option is chosen – to keep a wholly-owned Almo like Sheffield Homes, or manage housing from within the council – it needs to be supported by tenants. I fear a low turnout either way will be a poor result.

Janet Dean, chair, Sheffield Homes