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Once again we are remembering the tragedy of WWI.

Millions gave life and limb and gained much mental trauma too.

We give a quid for a poppy and two minutes of silence.

We remember for a brief few moments and shed a tear for the fallen.

Fallen? They are not fallen, they are dead, and we can do nothing for them.

Perhaps it is due to the euphemistic view of this conflict that we revere it above all the others; but why not the Boer War or our many colonial disagreements? Too remote?

Well how about Iraq or Afghanistan, which are not overlaid with the softening mist of history.

We should be doing more, much more, for the returning warriors now. .

In 100 years will we have discarded the poppy as a symbol? Funding for Taliban and terrorist comes from the Afghan fields.

Philip Jackson

Wilson Road, Coal Aston, Dronfield, S18