We should all be proud of Labour’s superb record

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Oh dear, oh dear, I really thought people had stopped believing the Tory propaganda that the last Labour Government was the cause of the recession.

Well clearly Ian G Walker, Star January 6, still believes it. I wonder if he thinks they also caused the economic recession in the USA or Japan, both by the way are not reducing deficits by cutting public services but by investing in economic stimuli to get the growth needed to meet the deficit. Or for that matter perhaps he thinks they are responsible for the problems facing France, It aly, Spain, Portugal, Greece etc etc.

No, Mr Walker what this government is doing is using this worldwide recession caused by the banks’ excesses as an excuse to put into practice their right-wing ideological policies – a low tax, low public services society, back to a 1930s economy.

By the way it was Mrs Thatcher who removed the regulation of the banks, Labour’s mistake was not re-regulating them, although I guess there would have been criticism if they had tried.

However for Mr Walker’s information here are some facts, not myths. In just one Sheffield Constituency, my own of Brightside & Hillsborough.

During the Labour Government, we had seven schools built – Fir Vale, Owler Brook, Hinde House Jnr, Hind House Snr, Chaucer, Parkwood, and major investment in Firth Park school.

Hillsborough College and Longley Sixth Form College were built. We had the magnificent Firth Park Surestart nursery built. We had five health centres built. We had a large expansion in the Northern General Hospital and of course every council h ouse went through a modernisation programme.

Now I think that this is a superb record and one to be proud of. Mr Walker and his Tory colleagues may see this as being profligate, but I see it as helping build a fairer and civilised society and giving our children real hope for the future.

Councillor Peter Price