We really do know best

Brainier: Of course they got straight As; they're girls.
Brainier: Of course they got straight As; they're girls.
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We long thought it anyway. But now it’s fact.

Ha! We ARE the cleverest. Testing proves women now have higher IQs than men.

It seems the evolution of our species has risen at a faster rate than men’s. Just as muscles grow if you exercise them, brains keep expanding as life becomes more complex. How smart is that?

Psychologists reckon our IQs have probably grown as a result of women becoming the multi-taskers, successfully juggling family, home and work simultaneously. It seems it’s nature’s way of enabling us to do it all and work the remote control.

However, I think the brightest thing to do would be to keep this information from the inferior species. Firstly, we don’t want them getting all dispirited and giving up. Women may be able to rule the world, but wouldn’t you rather they did it with us? We don’t want to end up with any more on our plates.

And secondly, every woman knows the best way to get a man to do what you want him to do is by making him think it was his idea in the first place.

Keep telling him how clever he is. But try not to sound condescending.