We’re not daft, we’re simply in denial

Chips: They don't count
Chips: They don't count
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So 23 per cent of Brits think chips count as one of their five a day?

Give over.

No-one really believes that chunks of carb-laden potato immersed in cooking fat are equal to fresh carrots simmering in a panful of water. That a successful trip to the chip shop is on a par with exiting the green-grocer’s with a bag of apples.

We know damned well what’s bad for us, but the fact is, we choose to ignore the brutal truth.

Why? Because chips taste better than carrots; a bar of chocolate is much more satisfying than an apple. High-calorie foods laden with fat and sugar give us instant gratification in one gobful.

The statistic, discovered after a survey by Sainsburys, is a clear indication that we’re a nation doomed to sink like a stone into widespread obesity.

It makes it so glaringly obvious that no matter how many warnings are put out about the dangers of a stodgy, fat-sodden diet and the risks of being grossly overweight, some people will always turn a deaf ear.

A staggering 70 per cent never eat their five a day.

The excuses the survey found were laughable. Some said they didn’t have the time to find something healthy. Others came out with the old chestnut that fruit and veg are too expensive.

These people aren’t idiots, though; they’re in denial. They know perfectly well it takes no time at all to unzip a banana - and that a whole bunch of them cost less than a bag of chips.

But they choose to listen to their bellies, not their brains.