We’re going backwards

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After 40 years’ involvement with the Labour party and the trade union movement, it is sad to see that the “If you are not with us, you must be against us” attitude still alive and well.( TP, July 22).

The old adages about sticks and stones and ostriches and sand always come to mind when I read this rubbish.

Whereas we may agree on the effects of events in the past, sadly the past can only be re-evaluated not changed.

As for the present and the future,I can clearly see what is going on in Britain from the lofty ivory tower of my medium “semi” without being blinkered by so-called “working class” prejudice.

I stand in awe at the sacrifices made by the British people to achieve what we have today.

I also realise that perhaps those sacrifices are not yet over, but they will not be made easier by trying to resurrect the past and blaming everything on the small majority of people now controlling Parliament.

As we saw with the last Labour government, it’s not only the rich and privileged that can make a mess of things.

(Most of the Blair Cabinet were poor and underprivileged and not posh, weren’t they?)

Never learning, it looks like the current Labour leadership hopefuls are taking a leaf from Nick Clegg’s book and making promises in the sure and certain knowledge that they will never get near enough to government to be held to them. (How did that end?)

Stuart Laidlaw

Hollybank Drive, Sheffield, S12