We’re glad to be back in Boston

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My husband and I made a visit to Sheffield on Monday of this week, having left Sheffield in 2000.

We do visit often but, after this visit, I think it may be a while before we come back.

The state of the roads in and around Sheffield are disgraceful.

They were bad enough before we left. But nothing has been done since and they have just got worse. Every road travelled on was like a cobbled street and also like being on the dodgems (trying to miss the potholes).

Our car was rattling and groaning (we don’t have rattles normally) and we were tossed around.

It is very uncomfortable to drive anywhere in Sheffield.

Road calming measures and speed limits are not needed. You cannot go fast on Sheffield’s roads.

We miss Sheffield as a city but not its roads.

For once we were glad to get back to Boston.

CD, Boston