'We're coming back with a gun': Gang send chilling message to Sheffield family

Crawford Road - Google Maps
Crawford Road - Google Maps
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A Sheffield family were left terrified when a gang of boys told them they were coming back with a gun.

The 'gang of lads' were spotted outside the family's home on Crawford Road before being confronted by one of the residents.

However, when he asked them to leave, the gang said they would be coming back with a friend 'that has a gun'.

The terrified family have contacted police about the incident and are now warning neighbours to stay vigilant.

One of the residents said: "My partner has just found 3 lads in our garden. When he confronted them they said they’re coming back later with their mate that has a gun.

"He thinks they’ve climbed up our neighbours wall to get into ours and were going through to get into the scout hut.

"The police are aware."

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for a comment