“We owe it to future generations to try”

The historically low level of Ladybower Reservoir after the dry summer of 2018
The historically low level of Ladybower Reservoir after the dry summer of 2018
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B Masters

Sheffield, S11

The piece written by the co-owners of Unwrapped, the zero waste shop in Crookes, that appeared in the Star’s sister paper, the Sheffield Telegraph, (November), was very timely. It reminding us that drastic action to control greenhouse gas emissions is needed now if we are to limit the damage being done to our atmosphere.

Hotter summers? Great! - until you realise that it means less water, and that Sheffield’s reservoirs are just 30% full and only because water is being pumped from elsewhere.

I’m unlikely to still be around when the full enormity of what we are doing manifests itself but I still want my children, grandchildren and beyond to inhabit a planet that’s fit to live on so I’m already making adjustments to my life style. You may not share this view but if you are one of those who think the issues highlighted in the article are ‘fake news’ or that there’s nothing you can do, consider what is possible that will benefit you. You can: Shop at zero waste shops when possible as it’s a straightforward way of reducing the amount of waste. The fact that it’s possible to buy small quantities makes it especially efficient and cheaper because it reduces food waste. If you don’t have such a shop near you, avoid additional packaging that’s often offered. Your bins won’t be full before their collection dates at least.

Demand better recycling facilities from your local politicians. They want your vote after all so tell them if when they knock on your door. That will get some of them off your doorstep quickly too!

Not the Lib Dems though. They have a policy and they’ll be happy to let you know it. What’s more it doesn’t penalise those who haven’t got the income to make life-style choices.

Demand a better bus service. You may be wedded to your car but if enough other users switch to buses then it frees up the roads for those who must use their own transport. It’s a win-win as well as giving us air that’s easier to breathe.

When you get a nuisance call, or out shopping ask what the company’s environmental policy or where it’s displayed and enjoy the reaction. Don’t be fobbed off with slogans. If a butcher in the Moor Market can display his policy why can’t high street names?

Small steps maybe but they become easier. We owe it to future generations to try.