We offer a smile and helping hand

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I read Molly Lynch’s article recently in The Star where she wondered ‘whether Sheffield is in danger of becoming a city of people who just walk past’.

I’m pleased to say that there are still plenty of people out there who will go that extra mile for others.

The local Oddfellows Society, of which I am a member, is one such social group that’s full of people working hard to keep community spirit alive. It’s been here since 1826 so we’ve had plenty of practice.

Our welfare officers volunteer their time to visit people who are elderly or unwell.

Despite the popularity of social media nowadays, nothing has been invented yet to beat a face-to-face chat with a friend for lifting the spirits of someone who needs it, and that’s exactly what our volunteers do.

I, and many others like me, try to live every day by the society’s three founding principles – friendship, love and truth.

This isn’t always easy, but I think if you take a good look around you’ll see that there are lots of people around Sheffield like taxi driver Mick Sheldon living by these values in their own way.

I’m pleased to hear that no damage was done to Molly in her fall and hope that it’s not too long before she comes across the real face of Sheffield; the one that offers a smile and a helping hand.

Paul Eyre