We need to know what is happening

I fully agree with everything Alex Evans said '“ about '˜Talk to us and help us catch criminals', (January 22), and also what he said about the police keeping us, the public, informed.

I would suggest that even more worrying is the fact that the police on the ground appear to be kept uninformed too.

Over the years we have had some dealings with the police due to various crimes in the area, even as recently as the last two or three months.

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I asked our local PCSOs what was happening in the area and they replied, not much happens at all – it is a quiet area.

I told them about several sneak-in burglaries that I knew had definitely been reported to the police and suggested they also look on the www.police.uk website to get a better idea of what was happening.

While we have the local policing teams being seen in more public areas such as cafes, libraries etc. it would seem to me that they should at least be kept fully informed by their superiors of what is actually happening on their patch.

Or is it left to them to find out for themselves?

Excuses such as ‘I’ve been on days off/holidays’ do not carry any weight with me.

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A good police officer used to know everything about their area and I suppose that in the good old days went into the station at the start of a shift to take daily reports and updates of all situations.

Why are today’s officers in the dark even when they have not been on days off?

And if they have been on days off, even more reason that they should be told what is happening.

Are they simply trying not to panic us? Well I for one do wish to be told and so do my neighbours.

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The general public need to know what is happening around the corner or in their area so we can take steps to prevent it happening to us and others.

Can I suggest to Alex that he looks into that side of policing and come back to us with an article as to how policing actually does work today and not how the powers that be think it works.

I am sure it will be totally different.

See http://www.southyorks.police.uk/local-police/changes-local-policing

Concerned resident

by email