We need to keep our gym, it's the best

Christopher Johnson Dehood gymChristopher Johnson Dehood gym
Christopher Johnson Dehood gym
I'd just like to share my story.

DeHood is the best gym I’ve ever been to, six and a half years ago I lost my job as a bus driver for being ill.

Anyway I’ve struggled with depression ever since. It’s been a battle to cope. I’ve had to fight to get the benefits I’m on.

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Going to DeHood for the first time was a struggle but I managed it.

This place is amazing. Nobody is judged for being different.

I do circuit training Monday to Friday most weeks.

The staff there are volunteers but they do an amazing job.

I’ve lost about four stone in a year and I’m starting to get definition in my figure.

Fitness and nutrition are my main ways of coping with anxiety and depression.

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DeHood is fighting to stay put lately at the old King Edwards school in City Road on The Manor.

I hope it stays as it’s helped me mentally and physically.

We need to keep our gym.

Christopher Johnson

Sheffield, S9

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