We need some councillors who love city of Sheffield

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I think to improve the city centre we need some councillors who love Sheffield and are not anti-car, as this has killed the city.

Since Blunkett and his mates started the crusade against cars it has been going downhill for years.

The council need to get together with the likes of Next, Cole Brothers, M&S, Ikea and other big hitters, get rid of the Sevenstones jokers and build a shopping centre in the same area with parking spaces , that are either free or something like 50p or £1 per day.

The council need a wake-up call and someone with vision to take Sheffield forward.

We are losing out now to the likes of Leeds, Manchester and York. If the council do not respond Sheffield will die.

Bill Fieldsend

I am not a big fan of Nick Clegg or any of the coalition, but I must say that I agree with him with regards to the council and their attitude towards large stores for Sheffield.

By rejecting these stores we are losing out to cities like Leeds and Nottingham who not only have these out-of-town shopping malls but also a thriving city centre.

These stores would only have a positive impact on the city centre.

By turning down the likes of Next and Ikea we are not only turning down hundreds of jobs but also missing out on promoting Sheffield as a can-do city.

Eventually, businesses will stop asking to bring their stores here and think the time and money spent on these proposals just to get turned down will be too much.

So come on Sheffield, allowthese megastores to be built, I’m sure most Sheffielders want them.

B Elliott