We must not allow Isis to divide us

Paris atrocities.
Paris atrocities.
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The recent terrorist atrocity in Paris and the heightened level of threat of Isis attacks both here and abroad are a cause of great concern to all of us.

But we must not let Isis win in its attempt to divide us between Muslims and non-Muslims, as is their aim.

We must oppose those in our midst who turn their anger and hatred back at all Muslims in reaction to these atrocities.

It’s wrong, unfair, and plays into the hands of Isis.

In the trade union movement we are very clear that Isis does not represent the Muslim faith.

They are an extremist sect that are trying to twist Islamism to their own ends.

History shows us that extremists in all religions have done this in the past, (including fanatical Christians by the way).

Now is the time for Muslims and non-Muslims to stand together, black and white, British citizens and foreigners living here, and say with one voice we reject this terror.

It simply is not true that the Islamic faith, as expressed by the holy book the Koran, calls for acts of violence against innocent non-Muslims in the West.

Indeed the Koran is a book of peace, and the overwhelming majority of Muslims both here and abroad are as shocked and disgusted at Isis’ acts of death and their ideology of hatred as the rest of us.

Nor is it true that the large influx of desperate refugees fleeing the war in Syria are in some way implicated or supportive of Isis.

Most are Muslim yes, but many of them are fleeing the tyranny and murder of Isis who control large swathes of their country!

Nor should we be so quick to jump on board with Cameron’s push to send British fighter jets into Syria.

There are quite enough warmongers already stoking up the fires in Syria, a country that is devastated by terrifying bombing already.

Britain needs to lead the way in working for peace in this terribly war-torn country, and help quench the flames on which Isis depends for its survival.

Finally, we wish to add our thanks to our security forces who are working hard in very dangerous circumstances to seek out and arrest any Isis operatives who may be active in UK, so as to make our streets and homes safe.

Martin Mayer

Secretary, Sheffield Trade Union Council