We must never forget

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It happened just yesterday and we must never forget, thousands of people died protecting these shores and others.

Reflecting, we ask how could a nation be manoeuvred into a war so soon after the previous war and what did they learn from it?

Les Arnott points his finger at the EU and Angela Merkel as having created the immigration catastrophe but did the Germans and the British learn nothing from their past?

We were being invaded by war and now we are being invaded by people who we cannot repel. This island was rich in minerals and ideas so rich it is still sought by others by different means.

Terry Palmer brings to our attention the steel industry. Years ago we saw Brown stainless steel, which I believe was Spanish steel. We let European countries steal our ideas and now we do not control it.

Lets go further back to Grimsby and other fishing ports. They are dead, the fleet depleted through European intervention. This has a knock-on effect that sends other seaside resorts down the ladder as a good place to holiday.

Today we have a Prime Minister posturing his demands from Europe not even acknowledging the country wants out. No matter what he gets or does not get, the public do not want an invasion of any kind.

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