We haven’t wasted any taxpayers’ money at all

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May I set Eric Singleton’s mind at rest (Letters, Wednesday.

The Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society has not wasted any taxpayers’ money, we haven’t wasted any money at all.

The HHBS is a registered charity run by dedicated volunteers with the following aims:

n To protect the heritage in and around Sheffield.

n To promote interest and pride in architecture and local history.

n To increase public awareness of our historic past through its buildings.

n To conserve whatever is beautiful in our environment and to improve that which is not.

We don’t have access to any taxpayers’ money and all our funds are given freely by people with a common interest.

We are a purely voluntary organisation and, amongst many other less well-known buildings, have saved both The Lyceum and Central Library from demolition.

We truly believe the Grade II listed Edwardian wing of Jessops to be of merit.

The Listing system was put in place to protect our architectural heritage and we feel very strongly that the recent High Court decision to allow this demolition has set a dangerous precedent for similar cases throughout the nation.

Anyone can join the Society and help us. Visit www.hhbs.org.uk and see what buildings in Sheffield are under threat.

Elsa Greaves

Hon Treasurer, Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society